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How To Maintain A Happy Relation With Spouse After Marriage?

Leo Facts female And Male


Leo Facts female And MaleLeo Facts female And Male They bear a really charming personality. Broad shoulders, florid or ruddy complexion, Leo Facts female And Male strong bones, and good muscles. they’re tall, vertical upper body, slender waist, and prominent knees. they need soft and wavy hair usually light in color, Leo Facts female And Male as their age advances they could get bullied. they need a lofty, commanding, dignified personality and good height. Overall, they need a royal appearance.


They are ambitious, warm-hearted, generous, honest, frank, fearless, impulsive, self-confident and preserving naturally . they’re considerably keen on power and distinction. they need an eye fixed for art , are cheerful, and have an optimistic disposition. they’re heavy hearted, noble and features a loose temperament.


They are frank, philosophical, free bird, Leo Facts female And Male strong willed and extrovert people. They wish to be independent, are forceful, inspiring, impulsive and keep high hopes. they need a wise mind, likes to contribute to the mankind, have a superb organizing capability and are very constructive. they’re honest leaders, brave, good planners and have good vigor. They wish to maintain their relationships and are helpful to everybody. At times, they become irritated, hasty and suffer thanks to the results. they typically possess healthiness and are diet conscious.


They deliver an honest and maintained health. Their body is adaptable to quick recovery once they fall ill badly. they’re dominated by memory , vertebral column , spinal marrow, nerves, fiber, anterior and posterior coronary.


They get diseases associated with the guts , spinal meningitis, sun stroke, inflammations, giddiness, fever and epilepsy. When Aquarius or Capricorn start to afflict or are posited with the malefic planets which may cause swelling of ankle followed by the guts diseases. If mars afflict Leo, Leo Facts female And Male might cause surgeries or operations. they’re proposed to consume a diet , avoid drinks, stimulants and beverages. they ought to consume an organic diet as an honest deal as possible.


They are fortunate in terms of funds. they need sufficient resources to satisfy their financial requirements. they’re going to witness a decline in their bank balance as they age because they’re spendthrifts. they need a knack for gambling and obtain rewarded also , but they ought to obviate it. they’re very generous towards everyone who looks for help from them. They face a bunch of trouble thanks to this habit which should be avoided within the later ages. they’re thought to be loyal and trustworthy. they like learning on bigger issues than to pass on for minor issues.


They are a perfect lover, romantic, fiery with passion, sincere and faithful crazy . They don’t showcase their love publicly as they’re shy and consider it below their dignity.


They have great affection for the other sex and likes to be within the crowd. They wish to keep a harmonious relationship unless the 7th home is afflicted which brings fights and arguments between the partners. They love their children the foremost and typically are very pleased with them. Their children wish to be independent, cannot bear restrictions and sometimes become restless and anxious. Leo’s are recommended to believe their children otherwise they could lose their trust. Their children are expert organizers, popular, obliging, affectionate, courageous and assured .


They are filled with excitement, loves their spouse and likes to be the middle of attraction among the women . All they have to is basic understanding, love and care from their wives. They don’t allow anyone to boost voice on their wives, they’re very protective and supportive of them. they’re very conscious about their social station and standing and don’t let anyone hamper it by any means. So, it’s advised to the couple to know one another to take care of a prosperous and harmonious relationship.


They are idealistic, ambitious, manages home well, successful social workers and makes a tremendous impression on people they meet. they need a striking position and command within the society. they’re quick to sacrifice everything once they are crazy .


Leo is best suited with Aries and Sagittarius and is additionally compatible with Gemini, Libra and Aquarius. Aries Leo Facts female And Male and Sagittarius will contribute happiness and harmony for them. Aquarius is basically dedicated to Leo while Gemini are going to be tactful, inseparable, sincere and affectionate. Leo bride marrying Aries husband are going to be really lucky.


They are born to rule and plan to rule out the house also . Everyone within the house is submissive, cooperative, obedient and grateful to them. They like their relations to be noble, magnanimous, peaceful and harmonious reception . They wish to keep the house tidy, decorative and attractive. they’re very careful in choosing dresses, furniture and drapes. they’re very choosy in learning their friends and never hesitate to expend money on them. they need a sound and opulent home.


They are really famous and attain a high position within the government. they need a specified income, job security and managerial capabilities. they’re best suited as managers, directors, sales director and officialdom .


They should not thrust their opinions and desires of others. they ought to take their lesson from the past mistakes, avoid being arrogant, restrict their wants and will behave in a beautiful manner. they ought to not get over excited by others, shouldn’t be flattered and most vital of all they ought to be detached from feelings.


Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Sunday are favorable whereas Monday and Saturday should be avoided for starting any new venture. they ought to keep fast on a full-of-the-moon day throughout the life.


1, 4, 5, 9 & 6 are lucky numbers for them whereas 2, 7 & 8 should be avoided. 3 is taken into account to be passive.


Red, orange and green signifies luck for them while the usage of Blue, black and white should be avoided.

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